Learning Objectives

Students in the undergraduate Astronomy and Astrophysics programs will learn how to unravel the secrets of the universe

The primary learning objectives are:

  1. Apply basic physical principles from a broad range of topics in physics to astronomical situations
  2. Be able to formulate scientific problems in mathematical terms and apply analytical and numerical methods towards its solution
  3. Develop skills to design observing projects with research telescopes and projects drawing upon data in the literature and in archives
  4. Establish competence in focused areas of astrophysical theory and experiment
  5. Generate fluency in the scientific enterprise and awareness of possible career paths available to the undergraduate astronomy and astrophysics major

The program is currently developing a more in-depth curriculum map to plan student development in myriad courses across the entire major.  A summary of this effort is available (Curriculum Map overview), as is a draft curriculum map (Astrophysics curriculum map draft 2).

Institute for Astronomy