Astronomy Courses: Spring 2023

25 A110 Survey of Astronomy TR 0900-1015a MSB 114 R Jedicke A Glenn
35 A301 Observational Astronomy (4cr) TR 0130-0245p WAT 114 R Gal C Dinh
36 A301(cont) R 0300-0350p WAT 114
50 A110 Survey of Astronomy MWF 0130-0220p WAT 112 D Tholen A Hoffman
51 A110 Survey of Astronomy TR 1030-1145a MSB 114 K Chambers L Skaer
52 A110L Survey of Astronomy Laboratory (1cr) T 0700-1000p PHYSCI 108 A Murphree L Skaer
53 A110L Survey of Astronomy Laboratory (1cr) W 0700-1000p PHYSCI 112 K Gootkin I Berry
54 A110L Survey of Astronomy Laboratory (1cr) R 0700-1000p PHYSCI 108 F Giddings/I Berry
55 A150 Voyage through the Solar System TBD TBD ONLINE ASYNC P Englert
56 A210 Foundations of Astronomy TR 0900-1015a IFA C221 D Farrah
57 A242 Foundations of Astrophysics II MWF 1030-1120a WAT 114 J Barnes
58 A281 Astrobiology TR 1200-0115p PHYSCI 211 K Meech A Hoffman
59 A320 Astronomical Spectroscopy TR 1030-1145a KUY 313 F Bresolin
60 A423 Stellar Astrophysics MWF 1030-1120a WAT 417A R Mendez
61 A494 Senior Research Project (1cr) F 0230-0320p PHYSCI 211 J Barnes
62 A627 Cosmology TR 0200-0400p IFA C221 I Szapudi
63 A634 Astronomical Instrumentation MF 0900-1015a IFA C221 K Hodapp/H Lin
64 A734 Order of Magnitude (2cr) W 0200-0400p IFA C221 L Cowie/J Kuhn
65 A735 Stars and Planets Seminar (1cr) M 1200-0100p IFA C108 M Liu
66 A736 Space Weather (U of Colorado) (2cr) W 1000-1115a IFA C221 X Sun
67 A740 Astrobiology Seminar (1cr) M 0300-0400p PHYSCI 211 K Meech
68 A790 Astro-ph Seminar (1cr) MTWRF 1030-1100a IFA C108 M Bottom
69 A791 Cosmology Seminar (1cr) R 1200-0100p IFA C221 E Baxter
70 A185/399 Intro to Astronomical Research F 2:30-3:20p TBD R Gal C Dinh

Institute for Astronomy